Blacklist Union (theater)
Thu Mar28
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Formed in 2004 by frontman Tony West, BLU released their debut “After The Mourning” April of 2006 which was met by critical acclaim all across the globe. From Memphis to Melbourne to Louisiana to London, Blacklist Union instantly made a mark throughout the rock-n-roll underground . Their follow up in 2008 “Breakin’ Bread With The Devil” received the same amount of critical acclaim and certainly put them on the map in the rock n roll world yet again. Blacklist Union has toured nationally receiving 5 star reviews from music industry magazines, fanzines, webzines and has a continuously growing fan base both domestically and internationally. With all of their hard work and perseverance, Blacklist Union has dominated the rock n roll underground and their newest release “TIL DEATH DO US PART will be certainly exposing them to a larger audience around the world. Blacklist Union is a true rock n roll band that continuously pushes themselves to the limit in every aspect of their music. Singer/songwriter Tony West tackles real life situations that affect each and every one of us in one form or another. From character assassination, to name dropping, addictions, sexual innuendos, romance , friendships, birth, death and living on the edge of destruction is just a fraction of what is touched on in their music.

Blacklist Union is unfiltered and in your face its raw and as real as it gets. BLU has had its shares of ups and downs throughout its almost 8 years of existence to say the least, but in the end they have always pulled thru to face another day and to write another chapter of their checkered and colorful lives.

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